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Visual arts are not generally a high priority in public, private and home school education curricula. It is Atelier CMS's (the Atelier) goal to make an education available to students who would not otherwise seek out or have the opportunity to become proficient in the visual arts. Based on the New York Studio School (which attracts students because of its style of teaching-apprenticeships to recognized masters and rigorous, focused instruction), the Atelier's participants will study creativity in depth.

There is no substitute for the sense of community that develops when people of different backgrounds come together to challenge each other, support each
other and share a common passion.







Social Sculpture explores new values, new forms of thinking and new ways of being in the world. Our goal is to inspire others to investigate cultures outside of their everyday surroundings and to influence the understanding of social and cultural identities.
Community Art is creating art in which professional artists collaborate more or less intensively with people who don't normally actively engage in the arts. How can you collaborate? We'll bring the professional artists to visit, you bring the community to learn and participate!
Participatory Art needs communication. Use the school newsletter to attract and engage parents and especially retired grandparents. Request names and phone numbers for us to follow up with. Now that you've identified communities connected to your school, let's make a plan to build a personalized truck carrying the cargo of your imagination!!

The more ornate and beautiful the truck is,
the more valuable the goods they will be carrying.

Maquette will be used to begin the process. A small design on cardboard submitted to compete for the final design structure can receive a monetary award for the student's art club or group. The maquette should work exclusively with collage and formatted around the visual aesthetic of the cargo trucks of Pakistan and the ideas that surround their intended purposes.
Collage is our process for building a life size cargo truck from cardboard. We will bring together different forms to create a new whole. Again, you will want to have the community involved in finding magazines, scraps, ribbons, beads, nearly anything to make an interesting pattern/design for an area of the truck.
Appropriation refers to the use of borrowed elements in the creation of a new work. In most cases the original 'thing' remains accessible as the original, without change. We will borrow, recycle and sample aspects of man-made visual culture.




The story begins with artist Asheer Akram and his visit to Pakistan
where he first sees the Pakistani Cargo Truck! As the Midwest Cargo
Truck takes shape in Asheer Akram's workshop at the Belger Crane
Yard Studio in Kansas City, MO—we will be working with youth in
underserved regions of the state! Our studio will be constructing life
size cargo trucks from cardboard, strong enough to carry possibility,
potential and a little bit of magic!

The initiative is intended to engage people from all professions, races,
classes, backgrounds and educations. Our goal is to inspire people
to want to learn and research cultures outside of their everyday
surroundings, thoughts and backgrounds.

Schools, individuals or groups wishing to participate should contact
us directly 816-805-8060.

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