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Atelier CMS inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)

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Contract us for Marketing Design & Public Art Projects. We provide your company with concept and production phases of print/web and or radio/television. We invite you to send us a project/problem which will benefit the training of our youth and sustain business within our community.

Investing in the arts is investing in community development and future leaders. To ensure that no deserving student misses this educational enrichment, we are soliciting and accepting funds for a scholarship pool as well as creating an operating fund for the continuation of our free project based learning experiences.

Individual, foundation, corporate and government support will serve as the primary sources of funding for the Atelier's operation. Funding for the Atelier's educational program is dependant on year-to-year receipts. We seek partnerships with cultural organizations, community organizations and schools. Our long-term goal is to establish and build permanent endowment funds to stabilize the studio.



Snowflake in metal drawn from student typography workshop.

To schedule a meeting call us at 816-805-8060