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Jim Calvin
Thomas Cobian
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Joey Los
Valerie Wedel
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Our premise is based on the teaching artists' ability to inspire and direct growth in the visual arts.
Successful artists respect complexity and invite students to engage with it creatively; successful artist teachers create a safe space in which young people can take the risks it is in their nature to want to take terrifying, thrilling, addictive and life-changing, yet safe and
constructive at the same time.

Scott Hug reviews the Neonwarrior's driver for our lifesize cardboard cargo truck in collaboration with The Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative.

To meet a larger audience with our work we've designed traveling workshops and exhibitions. Starting with a 30 acre park witin three years we take on the Missouri State Capitol Grounds working closely with officials we advance to the abandoned Missouri State Penitentiary! Next a floating exhibition on Cole County Park Lake, followed by a K-12 campus.

To celebrate 10 years of Community Art, we try The Miller Performing Art Center where holiday traffic is at its height. Our most current thrill was the collaboration with The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art—currently we are seen on the Edgewood Greenway of Cole County.

Invite us to collaborate with your community!

Jean Lowe and husband Kim MacConnel inspired
a week long session producing cardboard
"Hummer in the Park".

Canadian Max Streicher enjoys the movement of
pattern against captured air inside his artwork "Giants".

Jim Calvin's "Music Box" at Missouri's State Capitol, where he learns to play the violin without the benefit of instruction.










Workshops are being formed for 2015 giant WILDflowers!

Call us with questions at 816-805-8060










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