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The French word "ATELIER" (pronounced ah-TELL-eee-ay) meaning "studio," was chosen because the program is modeled after the New York "STUDIO" School where learning is accomplished through the interaction of professional artists with students. The purpose of the studio is to grow talent and skill in each community, and also to teach the technical and business side of art. Students assist in all aspects of the design, implementation and promotion of the exhibitions.

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at el ier: n. a workshop,
esp. of an artist; hence, a studio [Fr.=a workshop]

Atelier CMS inc
501(c)(3) nonprofit visual art program
Employer Identification Number 50-0002230

Atelier CMS inc. may be best known for its annual outdoor exhibition and top ranked festival ART INSIDE THE PARK, featuring national, international, regional and local artists. The process of producing this experience is an important educational program. Atelier’s youth program accepts students based on their interest and commitment, but there is no cost to the student to participate and all interested teens are encouraged to apply. Students can also be recommended by teachers and parents. Atelier CMS inc. is a non-profit arts organization, seeking community support for all its programs through donations, in-kind support, sponsorship of events, and museum rental.

OUR Vision

Missouri communities where informed appreciation for contemporary visual art contributes to a vibrant quality of life.



The first ART INSIDE THE PARK exhibition 2004 showcased 21 site specific installations.
Above is an image of Lady Liberty (in this case;
made from 9,000 surveying flags).